Skeb-like commissions
(simplified render)

You only send me the idea if you have one and all the necessary references and then get the finished work, without me sending you sketches and making edits

head / waist / fullbody180 usd
BG+80 usd
additional versions+30 usd
extra character+100%
commercial use+100%

Full render commissions

In this case, I can provide multiple sketches and coloring options in the process, I can make edits to make the result meet your expectations as much as possible (but edits like just redo everything when most of the work is done are still not accepted or extra chargeable)

head250 usd
waist350 usd
knee / fullbody550 usd
simple BG+150 usd
complex BG+350 usd
additional versions+100 usd
extra character+100%
commercial use+100%

prices may increase due to the complexity!

1. Full prepayment via PayPal.
2. I prioritize commercial commissions.
3. The commission's time depends on a lot of factors, please be patient and let me know in advance if I have a deadline to meet.
4. I'll post most of commissions. If you don't want to, please warn me in advance!

If you're interested in commission feel free to DM me!


(simplified and a little sketchy)